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"23" Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, and Mike Will before the fourth session of the China International Footwear Fair (hereinafter referred to as the shoe Fair) in Beijing China International Trade Center ended. As the only one by the national government led by the national professional footwear exhibition, shoe Fair has become an important platform for the world to understand the market, professional buyers China selection of quality products, looking for a partner. The exhibition of the participating enterprises to foreign enterprises, including joint pavilion Italy, Spain and Portugal in 3 countries has become a major highlight of this exhibition. and Italy Pavilion business purpose, Wang Guanqin come to the exhibition, the purpose is to promote the traditional culture Chinese shoes. The 69 year old Wang Guanqin is the fourth time to participate in the Expo shoes. The reporter saw in her booth stocked with every kind of embroidered shoes, each pair of Wang Guanqin are handmade, each pair are very beautiful. in Chinese and foreign footwear manufacturers to strengthen mutual cooperation and mutual benefit at the same time, the gate in the Forbidden City is being staged a grand Chinese shoes show. The night in the end, the shining lanterns, held in the Royal Palace Chinese shoes show a Chinese enterprise with world famous shoes on display, is a significant romantic opportunity. On the stage, the models show enjoy the colorful fashion shoes; Taiwan, Chinese and foreign guests to communicate in the best of spirits and appreciation; along with the rhythm of the music, and a grand scene) Adidas Skateboarding not only can be used to create rich and colorful color that only belongs to skateboarding have passion, can also be used to dress very chastity and collocation of the travel become the best partners. Recently, Adidas Skateboarding's popular Stan Smith blueprint for the design of shoes, shoes to design its classical collocation is very moderate grey cotton material to create a single this summer new. Light grey shoes with punching way represents three stripes of red, with the heel as the ornament, finally with white shoes, shoes will undoubtedly become the best partner for summer travel. adidas-skateboarding-stan-smith-cinder-01-570x400.jpg (37.04 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-28 20:46 upload adidas-skateboar foamposites for cheap ding-stan-smith-cinder-03-570x400.jpg (36.66 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-28 20:46 upload adidas-skateboarding-stan-smith-cinder-04-570x400.jpg (46.89 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-28 20:46 upload adidas-skateboarding-stan-smith-cinder-02-570x400.jpg (40.45 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-28 20:46 upload adidas-skateboarding-stan-smith-cinder-06-570x570.jpg (130.81 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-28 20:46 upload adidas-skateboarding-stan-smith-cinder-05-570x399.jpg (50.6 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-0stussy Berlin after the opening of the store, each wave of cards on their own market trend in Germany produced a restless, have launched in 2013 spring and summer preview. Native to the famous shoes is no exception, decisive in the Bread & amp; Butter display at the show their own next year in spring and summer shoes. The demonstration of the shoes not only changing shape, and is drawn is also under the foot work, diversity and enhance the comfort of the color of nature is not to say. At the same time in the design, from the Navy wind Verona shoes on design, to the evolution of the Jimmy Boots Jimmy Mid, which means that all Native innovation will continue, this summer certainly extraordinary. & nbsp; Source: hypebeast & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;roar, garnett! 5 April 15, the Eastern Conference semifinals, the Miami Heat vs nets G5, pierce, after being eliminated in camera HanHen tears, and another veteran Kevin Garnett is to avoid all the media, straight left the hall, just as it did two years ago after they defeated the Eastern Conference finals. two opponents are heat, the protagonist is a new third giant, in 2012, the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals battled Game 7 victory over Boston, remove the out of the East, to capture three giants set up the last obstacle to the first crown, crushed the Third Army Green Giant again hope, also indirectly tile solution this side by side 5 years of steel combination. 2014, three giant already geweijizhu and heat in anticipation of fighting hard after five games and easily without the worry to tear the nets to advance to the Eastern Conference finals, to transit, postur jordans on sale online e, walking the challenge of new forces. As a representative of the old forces nets veterans, will be cast into the shade at twilight. Garnett and Pearce in the chest inserted the final cut, it is their old partner ray Allen. Semi-final Game 5, following the last finals game 6, Allen once again in the moment of life and death hit priceless, opponents lost by the wayside. Nurse a grievance and return. From 21 to 38 years old, he has been doing this kind of thing. and when Allen's third when arrested, field self-knowledge hopeless situation pierce and Garnett, an atheistic eyes, a lonely shook his head and the efforts of the entire season was ruthless Xuejian friends stab into pieces, and what is worse than that of? Especially in the KG and Allen xingtongmolu. In summer 2012, Allen self induction is not affected by the green army takes seriously, to veterans are most concerned about the respect, he decided to give up the green army better contract, switch to rivals, the Miami Heat and the fate of the army green three giants and once intimacy this change. Garnett response on the matter are surprisingly large, although in China he magnanimously expressed understanding of Allen's decision, and depending on the "brothers forever", but in fact he deleted Allen's contact information, while the latter represents the heat back the greetings as disappear, the two sides as long as two years did not pass audio, old friend already break open. Garnett cannot understand and forgive Allen's decision, they have fought, together to fight against the rise of the heat, like artificial sweat, victory or defeat without regrets the glory of veterans, and opponents suffered defeat, one of them but also to input rivals embrace. Allen also cannot understand Garnett refuse, like he could not accept the green army contract kg is so generous, and to oneself but extreme cynicism. In the last two seasons of Green Army Tactical position drops, also about his final choice. The tree and the dead move to live, in Miami, Allen again won everything: "when I came to Miami, we are very welcome to me, take me as a brother, since then, the heat is the only thing I care." Different values, different positions, sometimes simple appeal, in the eyes of others is won't listen to reason. 〉[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] went to the PRD after the Spring Festival peak recr Cheap air jordans for sale uitment period. However, the (stores) Nike foundry in Guangdong, a person in charge Mr. Wu told reporters, proximal basically no plans to recruit people, after the financial crisis, the workers of the plant was reduced from 13,000 to 4,000 people now, this would also Just to survive adversity. "In 1990 we will plant all migrated from Taiwan to Guangdong, the Pearl River Delta workers monthly salary was only 200 yuan, and now doubled 10 times, especially after the financial crisis, labor costs rose more rapidly, we workers salary far to Southeast Asia left behind, the gap widened from $ 50 a few years ago to more than $ 200. "Mr. Wu said, at present, factory workers a monthly salary of about $ 500, and about $ 300 in Indonesia, Vietnam It is around $ 250. "If Nike buyers can buy a $ 10 pair of shoes will never dig $ 11 to buy, and therefore the loss of some low-cost factory orders. In fact, if it is to avoid operational risks, the plant is also able to expand to the size of 10,000 people, but the pressure will be very large, only a month in labor costs than is necessary to pay an extra 2 million factory in Indonesia, significant loss of competitive advantage. "Wu's explanation. sports brand intensified market competition and rising labor costs, or the expense of sacrificing profit orders, which is a difficult choice, Nike, Adidas (stores), and many other foundries now facing. Nike pressure With the increasingly competitive sports brand, Nike, Adidas and other foreign brands have been involved in the promotion battle, often sell at a discount product, nearly two years to clear inventory, and even the introduction of a small amount of twelve fold of clothing and shoes, dozens of dollars a short T, twelve hundred dollars a pair of shoes, and occasionally appears in Nike, Adidas and other foreign brands of discount stores. foundry frequency side is shouting to raise prices, while the sports apparel goods industry increased competition, coupled with China's consumer market is not good expectations, Nike's pressure and as much as its foundries. Nike foundry another responsible person also told reporters that in recent years the Pearl River Delta to continue to increase the minimum wage, the company is re-accounting of costs, but also to prepare regulated product pricing, which may lead to some decline in orders. However, the official sa Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale id, "Currently, we plant a pair of sports shoes factory processing fees are generally more expensive than in Southeast Asia twelve US dollars, at the unit price on the Vietnam, Indonesia compared to no advantage. However, customers will still be part of the Orders to us, on the one hand is down for many years with Nike, and other aspects of our efficiency and technology in Southeast Asia's slightly better than the other is labor costs in Southeast Asia are rapidly rising, the customer will not put all eggs in one basket, but will be considered from a global, these customers is largely optimistic about the prospects for China's domestic market. " changing market, we are scrubbing with Nike's performance. Nike Following the 2013 fiscal first quarter net profit fell 12% after the second quarter (ended November 30, 2012) net profit of $ 469 million from last year fell 18 percent to $ 384 million. The main reason is because the two businesses Umbro and ColeHaan $ 137 million loss. Nike's second-quarter revenue of $ 5.55 billion from last year's growth of 7% to $ 5.96 billion. However, its sales in China, but compared with North America, Japan and other emerging markets appear to be weak. Sales from the Chinese market, fell 11 percent to $ 577 million. Meanwhile, in December last year to April this year, Nike shoes delivery orders increased 6% to $ 9.3 billion, down from 13 percent the previous year. The orders from China has declined 6 percent, and some analysts believe that Nike's sales in China would not have improved at least the next six months. transfer, promotion Since the financial crisis broke out in 2008, Nike has significantly accelerated the adjustment of global production layout. Nike's annual report data show that over the years, when in 2001, China produced 40% of its shoes, ranking first in all countries / regions, and Vietnam account for only 13% of the share; by 2005, China's share fell to 36 %, still ranked first, Vietnam rose to 26%, ranked second; in 2009, China and Vietnam tied for first, all 36%; by 2010, Vietnam than in China, accounting for 37%, China relegated to No. Second, accounting for 34%. Asia Footwear Association Secretary-General Li said in an interview with reporters yesterday, in order to control costs, Nike in recent years from the PRD to the Midwest Southeast Asia and China significantly accelerated, si jordan 3 katrina 2018 nce sports shoes and apparel production and procurement of raw materials and relatively easy to standardize the pace of the transfer faster than other industries. Just a few years, production in Vietnam more than the Chinese, in addition, Nike also accelerated to the Midwest, at present, only in Jiangxi Province is located five production sites, the development of tens of thousands of people. During the Spring Festival this year, in Guangzhou, Place des Nations, Adidas launched a full range of special 2 fold will buy some products sold only 99 yuan, Nike also has many products hit 3 to 5 fold, but also engage KAPPA 2 fold from promotional activities. Compared to these foreign brands of low-priced stores in crowds, in the Haizhu District of Guangzhou with Li Ning, Anta and other domestic sports brand, it appears that many deserted, even though these shops also introduced five fold activities. Foreign brand discount clearance stock, directly erode the domestic sports brand in the market after the price dropping. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partner: First Financial Daily & nbsp; lazy nest)The Air Jordan another masterpiece of Tinkle 6 is Hatfield which was released in Michael Jordan's first NBA 1990 durning Champoinship period.To be the first pair of championship basketball shoes, the Cheap Air Jordans contained a quite excellent design. The Air Jordan Retro designed in rubber tongue 6 was with a very beautiful Jumpman Logo in the middle of it, and the innovatived appearance makes it more outstanding.The upper and the back heel was designed with holes that provided a breathable feeling to the shoe. In conclusion, this New Air Jordan is a style of shoes 6 that combined personality. Fashion elements and sporting function together.In this classic Air 2000, Jordan 6 was retroed and enjoy a good sell at once. fashion sense with respect to the functional, has now become the trend of hi-end shoes, recently by the famous American designer fashion brand Robert Geller teamed up with New York shoe brand Common popular Projects, 2014 spring and summer series shoes. Specializes in the use of dark tone Robert Geller, combined with Common Projects's minimalist features, the two sides play their own, showing a new style full of innovative spirit. In addition to the two type of shoes, more of a Mon jordan shoes online sale k Strap Shoe SSENSE to provide shoes, now the shelves, it may refer to. single product information: price: $625 / $855 minimalist sneakers series 2014 spring summer shoesPointe delicious 2013-12-08 23:19:45 Non-shoes sneakers, sneakers is everything In the moment, more and more people began to emphasize the inherent nature of each thing and characteristics, and even a simple pair of shoes can also be included. As people responded with shoes more and more attention, not only for people to buy a pair of shoes to wear it. People will continue in-depth understanding of sneakers region passed out more sound. Design inspiration is on the one hand, such as this one of "The Dim Sum Project". In diet inspiration to create the shoes are not new, the key is that they each have a food source, such as before very representative of Nike Dunk SB "dumplings" in fact represented the city is behind it Shanghai, but this time the "shrimp dumplings," "Dumplings" is represented in Hong Kong's famous Cantonese diet. from Hong Kong Hong Kong is a city where East meets West; in addition to the world-renowned shopping paradise, was also hailed as a gourmet paradise, international cuisine all in one, of course, the most representative is its authentic local diet. This time Hypebeast and PUMA will chose the most able to represent the Hong Kong-style food culture for inspiration signature dessert, work together to create this called "The Dim Sum Project" cooperative planning and carefully selected classic PUMA shoes for Blaze of Glory design blueprint, to create a "shrimp dumplings" and "Dumplings" as the theme of sports shoes, two pairs of shoes by the Hong Kong-style tea culture preached go through. Tea culture is traditional Cantonese specialties, a lot of people like the taste of an ounce two restaurants, and more during holidays many families go to tea with a family, down through the years has become a family activity. There are many styles of dessert; a large bag, bun, milk yellow package, Sapporo chicken and rice rolls, etc., the majority are hot, only a small portion of cold cuts. Although these dessert looks very small and simple, but to eat well is very particular about the chef's power rack. and Hong Kong-style dim sum diet, like signs, PUMA also took this time he's a classic running shoes Blaze Of Glory to accomplish this time cross-border cooperation. For retro running shoes has important significance in 2013, various brands have resorted to their own hands in a timely manner strongest trump card running shoes, PUMA also unwilling people, from working with Ronnie Fieg Disc Blaze began, followed also launched a PUMA R698 Shadow Society, plus this Blaze Of Glory, Puma will double its three most characteristic of running shoes in the mid-1990s have brought people's attention to them. PUMA Blaze Of Glory LTWT shrimp dumplings shrimp dumpling dough Cheng among not only thin and soft, but also chewy, and this point and the PUMA Blaze of Glory LTWT somewhat similar, through improved more in the bottom of Blaze of Glory are equipped with lightweight and flexible application of the concept of shrimp dumplings on this pair of shoes on the most suitable. Top with shrimp on behalf of shoes designed by PUMA red Obscure designer Jon Tang made, but in order to express the essence of shrimp dumplings Ying-clear, but the choice of translucent material to exhibit this trait, so the shoes can provide Meanwhile comfortable wearing experience, but also fully showing tasty shrimp dumplings shells teeth texture. PUMA Blaze Of Glory Dumplings The dim sum is the lack of tea culture can not draw style dim sum, dumplings and shrimp is also very important; it is thin filling, smell has been coveted. This put the dumplings into the Blaze of Glory exterior design; with bright yellow leather and suede uppers crafted to represent dumplings skin, and thick appearance on the included pork dumplings in the same weighty, plus Tronomic midsole technology, it is to bring fit and comfortable wearing experience with family, and dumplings as it is hope born of saliva. PUMA x HYPEBEAST DIM SUM RELEASE Hypebeast editor Eugene Kan accepted Jon Tang (PUMA recreational sports footwear designer) access Jon Tang (hereinafter referred to as JT): For PUMA's your impression? Eugene Kan (hereinafter referred to as EK): As a big fan of soccer game, I am, of course, begins with the initial impression PUMA Stadium. JT: You begin wearing PUMA product since when? Which one is your favorite PUMA sneakers? What is the reason? EK: I still remember the first pair was 14 years old worn PUMA Kings (Classic Top DI) sneakers. PUMA sneakers was kind of small, but the choice is very wide range of soccer shoes. That is what I have seen so far the most simple pair of sneakers, which is earlier than any other brands began to promote black exterior design. JT: this cooperation, 'Dim Sum' is inspired from where? EK: The launch of the shoes in our city as its theme, food culture as an integral part of Hong Kong's local culture, and the importance of the concept and process my food culture of eating for all keen interest. "Busy" mentality led to a lot of time not to eat at home, which means that food is not just a simple necessities of life in Hong Kong, has become a part of social life. The "dessert" itself carried no doubt Hong Kong cuisine. JT: & nbsp; This is the first time Hypebeast cooperation with PUMA, full cooperation with the PUMA How do you feel? EK: cooperation with PUMA has been a great thing. PUMA team is very fit and understand the context of the overall project concept, so Hypebeast team is very satisfied with the cooperation with the PUMA. JT: & nbsp; the process of cooperation What are you most excited about? EK: There is no doubt that the first one is to get PUMA 'Dim Sum' kind of shoes when. JT: & nbsp; why would initially select PUMA Blaze of Glory and PUMA Blaze LTWT shoes were co-operate? EK: & nbsp; Our first choice is PUMA Blaze LTWT shoes, but we can not only "shrimp dumplings" no "Dumplings"! So we picked up its "brothers" shoes (PUMA Blaze OG) to match. This is due to LTWT shoes, its products have been a lot lighter weight. JT: & nbsp; imagine if the PUMA work day, you will choose to work with? EK: & nbsp; do product testing for the PUMA football shoes! JT: & nbsp; you think athletic footwear industry's "next big thing" will be what? What is the reason? EK: & nbsp; for sneakers to, after wearing can be more natural action will become critical. The most critical is the process of unlimited, but, in general to reduce the weight of the shoe is extremely important. At the same time, I hope to see a professional soccer shoes can be a little less fancy to make it return to the traditional performance. JT: & nbsp; your job trends and fashion, entertainment, art and street culture close relationship. How do you walk in the forefront of the trend? EK: & nbsp; to maintain an open-minded attitude to appreciate and listen to everything. We are actively trying to pass information between and create information to find a balance point, the fact that our efforts were not in vain. First-hand report is important, but more important is to tell a good story. JT: & nbsp; what you most want to do three things? EK: & nbsp; tasting chunks of bovine meat, to participate in a flag football (American football one), there is a good treatment my hip. Nike Zoom Huarache 2K4 do not note the Snake debut 2013-12-08 22:42:21 Dragon has been quietly drawing to a close, in order to meet the new arrival of the Year of the Snake, the major brands have launched the Year of the Snake related products. Snake Nike recently released a special version of the Nike Zoom Huarache 2K4. Nike Zoom Huarache 2K4 shoes fan status in the hearts of the majority of self-evident that this version of Snake highly innovative design. Entire section footwear with festive big red building, in addition to special Logo at the tongue, the snake grain leather toe and heel of the shoe body side and the words of 2013 are extremely small scale intentions. No shoe commercial information, interested friends can pay close attention to it. This pair of Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG recently to introduce the recently exposed its final available information, designer to the classic white color rendering of North Carolina as a whole, in order to attend the University of North Carolina, Jordan Tribute, also Ask everyone to show their impressive record obtained in the universities. With the launch of the shoes, but also matching shoes UNC series has been enriched. It is reported that the shoes will be available in October, priced at $ 160, interested friends may wish to look at it then. The new Air Jordan 1 OG "Black and White" spy photos exposed 2015-04-14 15:26:34 Air Jordan 1 OG last year's sale of "black and white" for many sneaker delight, classic black and white color to the extreme for us to create the minimalist trend of the atmosphere, but good at Jordan Brand re-combination of colors to surprise us again, this Fan exposed this double Air & nbsp; Jordan 1 "Black and White" use white outline Swoosh. Although it is not clear that the shoes are friends spoof, or official intentionally create the color, the more information please pay attention to our follow-up reports. & nbsp;