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Japan rose in popularity in recent years the trend of brand Whiz I believe we should also be understood that the main reason people Shimono creative director Hiroaki country and mita sneaker wing of the wells intersect very deep, as designed by the step down, the country is also well brokered launched shoes a few, especially the cooperation with New Banlance, MT580 and MT576 has launched two popular classic style. And this tripartite together again, but this time there is no choice of hot shoes, but chose the more special the CM1700. The joint section 1700 uses yin and yang color design, bright red and blue collide to create a strong visual effect, the pentagram on the upper pores, also WHIZ classic elements, shoes are made embroidery small "N" logo and WHIZ printed pattern this season theme thorns insole, so that the shoes gift exquisite detail. 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How to Gaocheng footwear market in recent years the trend? What is the market outlook? How to Gaocheng public demand for brand shoes and non brand shoes? With these problems, the reporter visited several brands of shoes. brand shoes and non brand shoes who "better" look at all the major shopping malls in Lu'an; shoes of all brands have everything. it is understood that the brand shoes in the market, like Montagut, Pierre Cardin, Leonardo, dandy, Goldlion, Daphne, Linsen, Baidu, BELLE, AOKANG and other brands are popular with customers. The price of brand shoes are divided into different grades, according to Montagut shoes shop clerk Miss Jiang introduced, the price difference of brand shoes, high level of consumer purchase more than 1000 yuan shoes, the middle level of consumption in two hundred or three hundred yuan, at the same time there are dozens of Yuan shoes discount deal. cheap air jordans there are still many people in Lu'an's income level is limited, the majority of consumers buy brand shoes basic level in 200 - 300 or so. At the same time in the brand shoes market also exists in view of the different consumption level to design different products, it is understood that AOKANG production in formal leather products, but also the production of other products, for the high middle and low level of consumption into the market, AOKANG production of beauty is the first brand of domestic high-end shoes, of course, the price is relatively high. For example, the production of red Firebird series will buy in parity shoes, because his price is cheaper, and the non brand shoes sold together. many brands market positioning in the market is relatively high, such as BELLE ladies shoes, not with the changes in the market and the price change, shoes rarely discounted, quality and brand are excellent, although there is no change in the style of constantly up air jordan 11 space jam for sale dated, but to buy the consumer as long as comfortable, good quality brand ring can be. Non brand shoes market, are generally cheap, and shoes, style updates faster, but with respect to the quality of brand shoes almost a little, now many non brand shoes have three packs of commitment to quality, refund, replacement and repair. Non brand shoes with new styles faster, so most of the buyers wearing time is relatively short, some quality is very good, the style is good, so non brand shoes relative to brand shoes will be more. custom made shoes and finished shoes; "who ups and downs" &nbs)Russell Westbrook very high-profile show with Jordan brand as its new signature shoes Jordan Westbrook 0.2, and The Tonight Show in the popular show, he is close to the new Banned color Jordan Westbrook 0.2. This section by the black and red stitching, supplemented by Jumpman gold embellished, there is no relevant information available. jordan-westbrook-0-2-banned.jpg (88.1 jordan shoes online sale 4 KB, download number: 6) download Jordan Westbrook 0.2 Banned 2016-9-10 08:29 upload jordan-westbrook-0-2-banned-2.jpg (72.64 KB, download number: 9) download Jordan Westbrook 0.2 Banned 2016-9-10 08:29 upload jordan-westbrook-0-2-banned-1.jpg (54.81 KB, download number: 6) download Jordan Westbrook 0.2 Banned 2016-9-10 08:29 upload jordan-westbrook-0-2-banned-3.jpg (59.21 KB, download number: 6) download Jordan Westbrook 0.2 Banned 2016-9-10 08:29 Jordan Westbrook 02 Banned upload, this topic by Tony in the 00 generation 2016-9-10 08:30[Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] Chengdu net purchases up to 96,111 people to reflect Mr. Chang: Yesterday, I saw a message in the QQ group, Taobao announced a New Year's Day as the impulse sales, a pair of Nike running shoes only sell 428 yuan 1.28 yuan's "cabbage price." "To my surprise, I easily would use 1.28 yuan to buy the shoes, the other group of friends, too." But later found not the case, unfilled order cheap jordans s has been in the state, and the "waiter" Negotiation is sorry inform price marked wrong, the buyer can refund. Internet search to know, this is a recent popular promotional hoax, "soaring commodity turnover in a short time, if ordered by Taobao hot commodity, the commodity will take to the front." Businesses increase as trading prices. reporter Zloty Secret: Reporters learned more disturbing news by industry insiders, the seller can get through this mass (a few thousand or even tens of thousands) accurate and effective delivery address users such valuable information backward people hands down, one can be sold for more than 10 yuan. In this case, the WCC reporter yesterday contacted the Taobao relevant person in charge, she said Taobao is cleaning up such illegal businesses. If, after the completion of the transaction the merchant refuse the shipment, consumers can get 30 percent of the purchase price compensation. Close does not produce sales transaction and evaluation. After verification of suspected fraud, the company will be closed for involving Seller's Store. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)Jordan Broad, from Townsville, Australia, aged 27, has lost contact with her father since she was a child, reported on June 15th. When she tried to find her father again, she received a magical call from her father, who had been lost for years, now living in a hospital intensive care unit because of brain damage. because of family reasons, Jordan at the age of 5 and his father had seen the last one after no meet, Jordan was raised by her mother, and the father in her memory is a very free, love to travel around people. despite all this, Jordan has been looking for her father for 22 years, and she always feels connected to her father in her mind. Recently when Jordan Darren that his father last appeared in Australia Darwin, had planned to fly to Darwin for his father, and then, she received a phone call, told Darren is now in ICU in a hospital in Darwin. Jordan immediately with his 9 month old son to his father in the hospital, and met in a coma father Darren, the doctor said because Darren and others dispute led to serious head injuries, fortunately the current condition is stable. Darren may feel the existence of his daughter, he woke up on Wednesday morning, 56 year old Darren has seen many years of her daughter, also saw a never seen grandson, feel an extra surprise and excitement, they kiss. Over the years, Darren has been living a free life, travel, no fixed residence, and her daughter did not expect to meet this way, suddenly let her thoughts of him. At present, , Jordan and his son lived in the hospital near the hotel, because she could not afford to pay his father's treatment costs, now Jordan has launched a fundraising event to raise father treatment costs, Jordan hopes to cure his father as soon as possible, let him recover soon. Super fiftieth Bowl American football event is about to be kicked off, and in order to celebrate, Nike special choice classic training shoes Air Trainer 1 as a blueprint, to create this "do not note color.". Through the processing of the pleated leather shoes body and gold tone, so that this pair of shoes is like being wrapped in a layer of gold as the ultimate luxury exudes beauty, and the insole can also see Super Bowl 50 words more special identity. At present, the shoes are priced at 999 yuan. 12 LeBron low "air max 95" appeared again, this is LeBron & middot; James feet shoes, the second exposure real, in addition to the selection of air max 95 marks the gradual layered color layout, in the tongue of the crown logo to the same familiar wrapped in an elliptical pattern, combined with orange flying line and mini Swoosh modification, quite brisk but also highlights the theme of "air max 95" effect. source: trey_steiger, verse1neitem: 528895-007 release date: June 27th